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Aromatheapy Oils

As you can see from the above comments we had a great workshop on 23rd February and here's what you thought!

“I really enjoyed the whole workshop; you create such a welcoming and friendly environment which just made the morning a real joy. I liked the structure of the session - having our yoga practice at the start of class was a great way to settle and focus the mind, especially as you linked all the poses with the qualities of the oils that we then focussed on. It was useful to talk about some of the practicalities of the use of essential oils, as well as what they can be used for/in aid of. I also think it was a good idea to look at a certain range of oils, rather than a large number (we could have spent the whole weekend talking then!) Tea/coffee/cake is also such a lovely and sociable touch too.”


“I found it very interesting and inspiring... Would like to do another one, different oils and recommended combinations of oils for particular purposes, ailments, beauty products…”


“Really enjoyed it.  Excellent presentation.  Thought it was good you did a selection rather flooding us with too many. Like hearing about the history… Would love to come again to hear about some different oils.”


“I loved the workshop and would certainly come to another one.  The format was just right.  I have never really understood the benefits or how to use essential oils but now feel confident enough to experiment with them.  I shall look forward to ordering some oils.  The notes will be a handy guide.”


“Brilliant introduction into why & how oils have been used as a holistic therapy for thousands of years - good to give background. Great choice of oils and explanations, and opportunity to sample them, with group integration & participation. The hand massage was lovely and inspired for us to learn the basic technique & practise on one another.”


“I really enjoyed the workshop and have printed out the leaflets to study. It is always interesting to be able to deal with the body issues with gentle treatment, an escape for us all.”

Aromatherapy Oils and Yoga Workshop

"Just to let you known a very enjoyable 2nd Aromatherapy Workshop with yoga and coffee/cake/treats.

I enjoyed and picked up more knowledge on how to work with the oils.

The correct time now as we go through a crazy time and we can feel that the oils will give us some hope."

"I’m so pleased I got back in time to come along to the yoga/aromatherapy workshop on Saturday.


I thoroughly enjoyed it.  You structured it so well to give a good balance between yoga, socialising with cup of coffee/tea and delicious homemade cookie and cake (recipe for Healthy Hobnobs please!


The talk about oils I found very informative and interesting.  It has encouraged me to use the oils I have more, and would definitely like to come again.


Also a big thank you to Kelly who quietly busied herself in the background serving drinks and cakes, washing up and giving useful tips too on using the oils."

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