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Certainly one of the best figs for the British climate!


It should produce fruit reliably in the UK given a sunny sheltered spot, ideally against a south or west facing wall.


A wonderful Mediterranean fruit, a rich natural source of Vitamin C, drought tolerant once established and an excellent shade plant.



It will grow well in a pot, or in a pot sunk into the ground to within 2.5cm of its top.


Harvesting period July-September.


What do I do with it now?


Leave your plant in its pot in a frost-free area.  It could be kept in a garage, greenhouse or shed.  Or put some fleece around it for protection if outside.


Around March/April, put into a bigger pot with John Innes No 3 and bring out into the open when frosts are over.  You can then re-pot every 2 years as it grows.


Keep it watered – they love rainwater if possible!


Once the fruit starts to develop, feed it once every 2 weeks with tomato feed.


In November, knock off all figs that have not developed, larger than a PEA! 


The small pea-sized figs will be your first crop for next year.


If you need any more help, feel free to contact me on


And, thank you for your kind donation to our two chosen charities today.  Enjoy your figs!



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